Leading The Way

DCCC's First Admitted Students

I am pleased to bring you a blast from the past. Behold, Delaware County Community College's first admitted students. Let us remember them and their good efforts as we press on towards the future.

Jeanne Tereasa Livingston

Jeanne Teresa Livingston was from Prospect Park, PA. Jeanne graduated from Prendergast High School of Upper Darby, PA in 1967. She was accepted in to DCCC's liberal arts program with hopes of becoming a nurse.

Jeanne chose the DCCC route after Fitzgerald-Mercy Hospital changed its program and decided to send its students to St. Joseph's College in Philadelphia, PA for the first two years of study. "I really did not want to go to St. Joe's," she said in a Delaware County Daily Times interview.

Jeanne had earned Pennsylvania scholarship money to cover the entire $165.00 per-semester cost of attendance.

What became of our Jeanne? Jeanne is you.

Photograph of Jeanne Tereasa Livingston
Leading with a smile.

James E. Robinson

James E. Robinson was from Glenolden. James graduated from Interboro High School of Prospect Park, PA in 1967. He was accepted into DCCC's data processing program with hopes of become a computer programmer.

James was also accepted into the University of Miami, FL, but he told the Delaware County Daily Times "that I[he] did not like it there."

James worked at Westinghouse Electric Corporation's Steam Division Plant in Tinicum, PA. Attending DCCC made his work/life balance more practical (a common theme for many of DCCC's students).

Heed his visionary words about computer programming.

"It's a field coming on, a future field, really."

Who is James? James is you, too.

Photograph of James E. Robinson
Leading with a stare.
Photograph of James E. Robinson
Dreaming and leading together.